Who we are?

Inova Care was formed in 2002 to provide product development, managed care and third party administration solutions on behalf of insurance companies and corporate clients. We specialize in helping companies with product differentiation, as well as reaching revenue growth and profitability targets.

Product & Service

Inova Care specializes in developing market-driven products and services for corporate and insurance company clients. We have successfully developed and managed customized products and services for insurance companies and corporate clients in 12 countries across North America, Europe and Asia.

Product Development

Inova Care has a proven history of developing successful products and services for its clients in Europe, Asia and the USA. We work with our business partners to achieve:

Consulting and Market Research

Inova Care offers a full range of consultancy services designed for insurance companies and corporate clients. Our areas of specialization include

Clinical Pathway Tools

Health care costs are increasing at alarming rates in most countries around the world. Today most utilization management occurs on a retrospective basis which has only a limited ability to impact quality and costs.

Medical Second Opinion

Inova Care offers virtual and actual Medical Second Opinion Services (MSO) through its various regional provider networks. Medical Second Opinion helps clients differentiate their products and services, as well as control high risk, high cost claims.

Cross Border Health Care

Health care is a global issue and a record number of people travel abroad for minor and complex health care needs. Inova Care has created a cross border health care service to address the needs of our corporate and insurance company clients.

Third Party Administration

Inova Care offers third party administration and insourcing solutions for niche and complex benefit plan designs. We administer a variety of benefit plans that cover a full range of options including inpatient and outpatient medical, dental, vision, lifestyle and other ancillary care services.

Concierge Services

Health care and insurance can be a maze at times. Our helpline and concierge service is designed to help members navigate their health care needs. All value-added services can be accessed through Inova Care Concierge Team by phone, web or smartphone application.

Life Style | Wellness Programs

Inova Care's research indicates that most people believe that personalized health care programs are helpful in improving overall health.

Technology | Digital Solutions

Technology is the cornerstone of our success. Inova Care is not a traditional third party administrator. We also develop and provide technology solutions to support corporate and insurance company clients.


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Inova care is an industry leading consulting and health care administration company specializing in managed care, clinical pathways and cost containment solutions for corporations and insurance companies.


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