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Who we are?

Inova Care was formed in 2002 to provide product development, managed care and third party administration solutions on behalf of insurance companies and corporate clients.

We specialize in helping companies with product differentiation, as well as reaching revenue growth and profitability targets.

Inova Care applies rules-based technology, digital platforms as well as clinical pathways and disease state management solutions in helping companies manage medical costs.

Our team has extensive international experience in working with health care providers, insurance companies and corporate clients in development and management of complex and niche benefit programs.

What Makes Inova Care Different

For more than 15 years, Inova Care has been committed to providing quality solutions that respond to the unique requirements of each market, as well as solutions that meet the growth, profit and service objectives of our clients.

The products and services we offer are modular, so clients only pay for what they need. Our flexibility also allows Inova Care to customize solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Most third party administrators focus exclusively on claims management. Inova Care provides its clients with a more comprehensive range of services including:

  • Product Development
  • Technology (rules and web-based tools, and digital platforms)
  • TPA (outsource and insource solutions)
  • Provider Contracting Model (standard procedure coding, fixed fee schedules)
  • Clinical Pathways for utilization and disease state management
  • Concierge Support
  • Comprehensive Suite of Value Added Services

Qualify is at the forefront of Inova Care and a key driver of our success.  Our integrated business model is very effective in ensuring superior customer satisfaction, quality outcomes and profitable growth.

Facts and Figures

Number of members in a product developed or administered by Inova Care 1,750,00
Geographic Range 14 Countries, Asia Europe and USA
Number of network providers USA 9,000 Hospitals
395,000 Clinics

International 1,000 Hospitals
5,000 Clinics
Claims managed in 2016 250,000
Customer care calls handled in 2016 185,00
Number of health and dental cases coordinated in 2016 75,000
Network utilization rate 96.5%
Call abandonment rate 4.62%
Average claim turnaround time 6.25 days

Based on 2016 Results

Management Team

John LeBoeuf

John LeBoeuf

John LeBoeuf is the founder of Inova Care and has served as Chairman & CEO of the various subsidiary companies since 2002. With more than 25 years of senior management experience, John has worked with market-leading companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mutual of Omaha Companies, and Cigna Health Care.

He has also served as a featured lector for Master’s Degree programs in International Managed Care at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy and International Business at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri.

John’s vision for Inova Care is to create affordable access to high quality health care through effective cost and quality management as well as the development of innovative benefit programs.

This vision is what drives John’s commitment in continuously pursuing ways of providing quality, affordable healthcare as a way of improving our health and way of life

Ariel Linao

Ariel Linao

As Regional Manager for Finance and Accounting, Ariel Linao provides fiscal oversight for Inova Care, and is responsible for all day-to-day finance and accounting activities.  With his significant expertise in financial forecasting and budgeting, accounting and internal audit, he is also actively involved in strategic planning for the company.

Mr. Linao has been in financial management roles for more than a decade.  Prior to his role in Inova Care, Mr. Linao taught Finance and Accounting at the university level in the Philippines and in Thailand.

Mr. Linao earned his Bachelor’s Degrees in Accountancy from Misamis University alongside his

MBA in Public Administration and Business Administration. He is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant since 1999.

Kyung Kim

Kyung Kim

Kyung Kim is Inova Care’s Regional Country Manager for Korea, Japan and China and is primarily responsible for running the company’s daily operations as well as client retention in these markets. With his vast management expertise, Kyung makes certain that service delivery targets are met and new goals are set in line with Inova Care’s vision of providing innovative healthcare solutions. His key inputs for the company’s business development strategies have produced results in the Far East Region.

Kyung is well versed with the healthcare management industry and has worked for global companies such as AIG Life and Life Insurance Company of North America.

Kyung completed his graduate studies with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Yonsei University. He has actively participated in developing government programs by serving as an advisor for the Medical Business Division of the Free Economic Zone with the Ministry of Finance and Economics (Korea). Kyung has also worked as a consultant for the Health Care Division of the Korean Institute for Health and Social Affairs, and was part of the advisory board of the Hospital Management Division at KIRAMS (Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences, an organization affiliated with the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology).

Alitia Anthony

Alitia Anthony

Alitia M Anthony is Inova Care’s Market Manager for Indonesia where she is responsible for business development and account management.

 Prior to joining Inova Care, Alitia has more than 13 years of experience in Risk Consulting and Broker Insurance Industry where she specialized in Property, Casualty, Financial Risk and Medical Insurance.

 Alitia completed her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Parahyangan University Bandung.

Balachandran Sreedharan

Balachandran Sreedharan

Balachandran Sreedharan is Inova Care’s Vice President of Business Development & Account Management for Malaysia and Singapore.   As Vice President of Business Development and Account Management, Balachandran is responsible for driving growth with our business partners as well as serving as their key contact for account management.   Balachandran has 16 years of vast experience in the insurance industry, and prior to joining Inova Care he worked with large multinational companies including AXA Assistance, Mondial Assistance and Asia Assistance.  Balachandran brings a lot proven experience to our clients in the areas of medical third party administration, motor claims, underwriting, marketing and operations assistance.

Ladapa Sothikul

Ladapa Sothikul

Ladapa is Inova Care’s Vice President of Business Development and Account Management for Thailand and surrounding region.   Ladapa directs all sales and marketing activities in Thailand, and is responsible for business strategies related the company’s goals and objectives. 

Prior to her role at Inova Care, Ladapa worked with several well-known companies like Cigna and Aegon, where she was a member of senior management. These roles helped shape her experience in corporate strategy, business development and marketing. 

Ladapa holds a Master degree in Business Administration as well as a Bachelor degree of Science in Information Technology from Assumption University.

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Inova care is an industry leading consulting and health care administration company specializing in managed care, clinical pathways and cost containment solutions for corporations and insurance companies.


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