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Inova Care specializes in developing market-driven products and services for corporate and insurance company clients. We have successfully developed and managed customized products and services for insurance companies and corporate clients in 12 countries across North America, Europe and Asia.

Product Development Product Development

Inova Care has a proven history of developing successful products and services for its clients in Europe, Asia and the USA. We work with our business partners to achieve:

  • Product differentiation that produces revenue and profitability growth.
  • Flexible benefit plans that can be sold through a variety of distribution channels.
  • Product or service viability in multiple markets and market segments.
  • Maintain a risk profile acceptable to the corporate client, insurer or reinsurer.
  • Products and services implementation that achieves revenue and profitability targets.

Inova Care products and services have resulted in record growth and profitability for our clients in all key regions. Please contact Inova Care to learn more about our product development capabilities.

Consulting and Market Research Consulting and Market Research

Inova Care offers a full range of consultancy services designed for insurance companies and corporate clients. Our areas of specialization include:

  • Corporate strategy;
  • Cost containment:
  • Product development and benefit design planning;
  • Market research and analysis;
  • General management consulting;
  • Workflow optimization; and,
  • Clinical pathway integration.

We have several years of experience in assisting companies improve growth and profitability as well as developing market-driven products and solutions.

Please contact Inova Care for more information about our consulting services.

Clinical Pathway Tools Clinical Pathway Tools

Health care costs are increasing at alarming rates in most countries around the world. Today most utilization management occurs on a retrospective basis which has only a limited ability to impact quality and costs.

Inova Care helps its corporate and insurance company clients monitor and manage health care costs and quality outcomes through its proactive utilization management tools and clinical pathways. Our utilization management program improves health care outcomes while controlling costs using internationally accepted clinical pathways and guidelines.

Hospitalizations are reviewed for medical necessity, level of care and appropriateness using industry leading guidelines on a prior-authorization and concurrent review basis. Through this proactive process, Inova Care works with provider networks to ensure quality while reducing non-medically necessary utilization of health care services, optimizing clinical outcomes and controlling health care costs.

Please contact Inova Care for more information about its Clinical Pathways tools.

Medical Second Opinion Medical Second Opinion

Inova Care offers virtual and actual Medical Second Opinion Services (MSO) through its various regional provider networks. Medical Second Opinion helps clients differentiate their products and services, as well as control high risk, high cost claims.

MSO allows client members to obtain expert medical advice regarding certain diagnoses and treatment plans for key critical illnesses.

A member diagnosed with one of the qualifying medical conditions may contact Inova Care, and one of our member advocates will coordinate a virtual or actual medical second opinion from one of our regional network providers. Appointments are scheduled through Inova Care member services and virtual medical second opinions are usually provided within 10 days of request.

Inova Care will coordinate all member care needs including documentation, appointments, travel and translation of medical records

Please contact Inova Care for more information about its Medical Second Opinion Services.

Cross Border Health Care Cross Border Health Care

Health care is a global issue and a record number of people travel abroad for minor and complex health care needs. Inova Care has created a cross border health care service to address the needs of our corporate and insurance company clients. Through our Cross-Border Health Care Program, clients ensure members receive care from a quality health care provider while ensuring that benefits are managed on a consistent basis.

Members wishing to receive medical care in another country is made easy through Inova Care regional network of providers. Inova Care can coordinate treatments covered by insurance from any of its international provider networks. In addition, Inova Care can help coordinate elective treatments that are not covered by insurance. Inova Care international network of providers covers the entire spectrum of health care services including but not limited to inpatient and outpatient hospital care, primary care and specialist physician care, dental care, vision care, dermatology care, cosmetic surgery as well as many other ancillary care specialties.

Members are encouraged to contact Inova Care when wishing to seek health care abroad. Inova Care helps members manage all their health care needs; including appointment scheduling, coordination with insurance coverage, travel arrangements, translation of medical records and much more.

Please contact Inova Care for more information about our Cross Border Health Care Services.

Third Party Administration Third Party Administration

Inova Care offers third party administration and insourcing solutions for niche and complex benefit plan designs. We administer a variety of benefit plans that cover a full range of options including inpatient and outpatient medical, dental, vision, lifestyle and other ancillary care services. We use state-of-the-art web-based technology that provides real time verification and auto adjudication of claims. Inova Care’s TPA Services can accommodate both in and out-of-network claims, as well as direct reimbursement benefit payment methodologies. Many clients select Inova Care for TPA services because:

  • Inova Care is not just a TPA, we are a true business partner that is concerned about the service and financial performance of the products offered by our clients.
  • Our web-based system technology leverages efficiency, accessibility and connectivity between the member, network provider and business partner.
  • We use proactive utilization and quality management programs to validate coverage, medical necessity, control costs and ensure that members receive high quality and medically appropriate care.
  • Inova Care’s strong collaboration with its provider network aligns the goals and objectives of all key stakeholders.
  • We maintain advanced service level standards which lead to high member satisfaction for our providers, clients and members.
  • Inova Care’s integrated model of utilization management, customer care and claims management is result-oriented and outcomes based.

Please contact Inova Care for more information about our Third Party Administration Services.

Concierge Services Concierge Services

Health care and insurance can be a maze at times. Our helpline and concierge service is designed to help members navigate their health care needs. All value-added services can be accessed through Inova Care Concierge Team by phone, web or smartphone application. Our concierge service is designed to provide:

  • Coordination of access to local provider network services
  • Priority care
  • Hotline support for questions about benefits, how to file a claim or eligibility
  • Access to all Inova Care products and services
  • Newsletters and lifestyle articles
  • Claim status
  • Health care coaching and support

Life Style | Wellness Programs Life Style | Wellness Programs

Inova Care’s research indicates that most people believe that personalized health care programs are helpful in improving overall health. Research and analysis of outcomes also shows that lifestyle benefits significantly contribute to reduced long-term health care costs as well as lower absenteeism for corporate clients.

Inova Care has created a suite of lifestyle benefit programs with an emphasis on prevention and wellness that can help improve the overall health of its members. Any one of our Lifestyle Benefit Programs can be included in an individual or corporate insurance benefit program.

Inova Care can also help develop customized corporate wellness and lifestyle programs to help companies improve productivity, reduce absenteeism as well as improve the overall health of their workforce.

Please contact Inova Care for more information about its Lifestyle Benefit Programs.

Technology | Digital Solutions Technology | Digital Solutions

Technology is the cornerstone of our success. Inova Care is not a traditional third party administrator. We also develop and provide technology solutions to support corporate and insurance company clients. Through our digital team we develop customized smartphone applications and plug-ins that make customer support more efficient. Our technology is also a key driver in controlling medical costs through state-of-the-art disease state management programs and clinical pathways. At the core of our technology is a web-based platform that makes claims management and customer service very efficient. Thanks to our modular platform, clients can choose what elements of our technology best meets their requirement. Inova Care also develops customized solutions based on unique customer business needs. Please contact Inova Care for more information about our technology or digital solutions.

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Inova care is an industry leading consulting and health care administration company specializing in managed care, clinical pathways and cost containment solutions for corporations and insurance companies.


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